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August 11-12 2023


We had a couple of great work days at the Warming Hut. Got a lot of repairs completed and pressure washed the entire Hut including the restrooms. Fixed the door latch and the Dead Bolt on the storage room. Removed the bent hand rail on the east side. It will get replaced later. Taped off all the windows and most of the trim to be ready for some Stain to be sprayed on the exterior.  All that work was on Friday. On Saturday Daniel Dailey Construction showed up with some help early, and finished the masking and started to spray stain to the outside of the hut. Seth Aldredge from Double Diamond Steel came up with Co-President Jesse to offer a helping hand in all the work. We tried to fix the Wind Turbine Generator, but we will have to get some material and a bucket truck to repair safely. MJ Shelton also provided a place to stay and helped out with my flat tire on my truck. We took a bunch of pictures.

Still need to have another work party to move the wood in the Hut.

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