Trail Conditions

Remember, your Snowmobile Club membership includes regular updates including photos and other detailed information about Trail Grooming from our groomer. 

Road and trail conditions are subject to change depending on weather. Check weather conditions before travelling. Take some time to educate yourself on snowmobiling safety and the laws associated with snowmobiling in Lassen National Forest [LINK]. Report adverse or dangerous road and trail conditions to the appropriate authorities. Trail maps are available for download here. Maps are also available at the Jonesville Snowpark and Warming Hut.
Be safe and refer to our Facebook page for the most recent photos and updates. 

The Groomer has been out on Sunday, Monday and Thursday, Friday this week. Sunday was the first trip out with the New Pisten Bully and I was glad I hauled up the Friday before the storm. 

I only made it out to Snag Lake turn off and the snow was so deep and soft it was working it pretty hard and no snowmobile tracks. 

Went back on Monday Groomed trail I and F to Humbug Summit, no tracks beyond that point. Turned around back to the Sunflower Flat loop Y J-5 and groomed out to the open area and no snowmobile tracks beyond. Turned around came back to the Humboldt Road J-4 and groomed trail B up to Robbers Roost and down to the 4th switchback and back to the Shed.

I rode snowmobiles with my wife on Wednesday out to the warming hut to pack down the trail for the Groomer. Thursday groomed to the warming hut Trail I, F and D just to the warming hut.

Came back to J-5 and out to Sunflower Flat Loop Trail G made a wrong turn and groomed South of Castle Rocks and back, I was following the tracks. Today I  Groomed Trail B to J-10 Fanani Meadows and back to warming  Hut on Trail D, F and I  back to the Shed. Trail A, C and E are the only trails not groomed. As of today nobody has rode on Trail A and half of G and E.

I plan on going back out Sunday and Monday to do the trails that havent been groomed yet. 

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