Trail Conditions

Remember, your Snowmobile Club membership includes regular updates including photos and other detailed information about Trail Grooming from our groomer. 

Road and trail conditions are subject to change depending on weather. Check weather conditions before travelling. Take some time to educate yourself on snowmobiling safety and the laws associated with snowmobiling in Lassen National Forest [LINK]. Report adverse or dangerous road and trail conditions to the appropriate authorities. Trail maps are available for download here. Maps are also available at the Jonesville Snowpark and Warming Hut.
Be safe and refer to our Facebook page for the most recent photos and updates. 

Groomer Flash #13

March 15, 2021

More new snow, 10 inches at the Shed and a lot more up top. Headed out J-4 up to Robbers Roost on Trail B down the other side to 27N43D and turned around, trail was pretty smooth under the new snow. Back to J-4 and on to Trail I to J-5 to Trail F over Humbug Summit and to J-6 to Trail D to the Warming Hut. Headed back on Trail D to J-6 and up to Humbug Summit and took a detour on 26N04 It’s a short cut to Sunflower Pit. Trail G back to J-5 and back to J-4 and to the Shed. Parking lot is cleared and the road has been plowed. More snow is expected Thursday.


Groomer Flash #12

March 11, 2021

We got some new snow; we have about 12 inches at the Shed. I went out today to J-4 and on to Trail I up to J-5 on to Trail G Sunflower Loop Turned around at 26N31 because nobody had ridden any further than that. Several Sleds went to the High Lakes. The parking lot was almost full. Doubled back to J-5 and no tracks up Trail F to Humbug Summit so I left it to the Powder hounds to break in before I head that way. Back to J-4 and up Trail B to the first switch back and no tracks beyond that, don’t want to groom a trail with no tracks on it. So back to the Shed, it was 40 deg. and the snow down low is really wet, it was sticking to the tiller and wasn’t grooming very well. Need to Groom when its colder. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures today. I might go riding tomorrow.     

Groomer Flash #11

February 26, 2021

Another really nice day out today. Headed out to J-4 Trail I there are some bare pavement spots just past the Jonesville Hotel, snow is getting thin, on to J-5 to Trail G Sunflower Loop Snow is pretty good past J-5 still soft and not many tracks. Removed a few trees that had fallen across the trail, went on to Trail 26N31 to J-6 and on to Trail D to the warming hut, emptied the trash check the bathrooms and headed back, snow is soft and plenty of it on the north slopes. Returned to J-6 and on to Trail F to J-5 to Trail I and back to the Shed. Trails are smooth and they should freeze up tonight, be careful with your speed on the groomed trails in the morning they will be icy and slick.     



Groomer Flash #10

February 17, 2021

Beautiful day today, Headed up to Robbers Roost on Trail B from J-4 lots of new snow up there 8-12 inches and down the switch backs to Ruffa Ranch. The Pick-up truck has been removed. Don’t know how they did it but the Groomed trail was un harmed. Stopped at Fanani Meadows and had Lunch, not much snow at J-10 but the road still has snow on it. Headed up Trail D to the warming hut. Empty the Trash, stocked the Bathrooms with TP. Headed back to the Shed from J-6 Trail F Humbug Summit also had about 8-12 inches of new snow, to J-5 to Trail I to J-4. The snow below 6000 is thin and hard to work with to smooth out the Trail, But the loop is Groomed and smooth and all trees have been removed. Did take some pic’s today.


Groomer Flash #9

February 11, 2021

Raining at the Shed this morning. Headed out to J-4 to Trail I to J-5 Trail G Sunflower Loop to Trail 26N31 to J-6 than on to Trail E Humbug Road 307 through J-7 and down to J-8 Snow was pretty thin on Trial E Yellow Creek from J-8 to J-9 but its smooth now we need more snow before I go that way again. J-9 to Trail D up to the Warming Hut and back to J-6 to Trail F to J-5 to Trail I to J-4 and back to the Shed. Snowed on me above 6000 feet all day, about 6-8 inches of new snow on Humbug Summit. Sorry didn’t take any pictures today.  Removed several Threes on Trail E with the new Chain Saw the Club bought for Cost from MJB Welding, Thanks Zack  



Groomer Flash #8

February 4, 2021

Headed out J-4 to Trail B Robber Roost over Humboldt Summit and down to Ruffa Ranch turned around at the Pick up in the middle of the road because trail was in really good shape not much new snow on it, still could see my groomer tracks from a week ago. Doubled back to J-2 Trail A Colby Lookout went to the Lookout and back to the Shed. We are ready for the Fun Run Saturday hope we have a great turn out.



Groomer Flash #7

February 3, 2021

Headed out J-4 Trail I to J-5 Trail G Sunflower Loop to J-7 trail E to J-6 Trail F to J-5 to Snag Lake Groomed to the Summit Lake turn and back to Trail I to J-4 and to the Shed. Lots of new snow at 6000 elevation and up 8-12 inches. Going to do Trail B tomorrow.


Groomer Flash #6

February 2, 2021

Headed out J-4 Trail I to J-5 Trail F to J-6 Trail D to the Warming Hut did some shoveling and hauled out the trash than down to Fanani Meadows J-10 to Trail C to J-11 and on to Hwy 89 Trail Head. The snow was melting fast it was 47 Deg at Hwy 89. Did not go North to Hwy 36 Didn’t have enough fuel. and on to Trail D, Trail is smooth back to Fanani to J-10 Doubled back on D, F and I to the Shed. Back at it tomorrow to finish up Trail G and E

Groomer Jim will be out on Trail A up to Colby Lookout and Back. That will leave Trail B for Thursday and all the trails will be ready for the Fun Day on Saturday.  



Groomer Flash #5

January 29, 2021

Headed out J-4 Trail I to J-5 to Sunflower loop Trail G took the 26N31 to J-6 and on to the Warming Hut than down Trail D Didn’t make it to J-9 Yellow Creek was low on Fuel so I turned around and headed back on Trail D to J-6 Trail F to J-5 Trail I  and back to the Shed. Removed several trees from the trails. The only Trails that have not been Groomed are Trail A, Trail E and part of Trail G. I will work on those next week. More Snow on Monday may have to start over.

Groomer Flash #4

January 28, 2021

More fresh snow, 24” at the Shed. Headed out to J-4 on Trial B up to Robbers Roost and down the switch backs. Snow was very deep on the backside, down to Ruffa Ranch where there is a Pick-up truck parked in the middle of the road, it is almost buried. I was able to groom around it. On to Fanani Meadows to J-10, On to Trail C to Hwy 89 I turned around 2 miles from the highway because that was my just below half a tank of Fuel warning. The Bully worked really hard all the way there, used up more fuel than I expected. Doubled back to Trail B and back to the Shed.   


Groomer Flash #3

January 27, 2021

Lots of new snow, got a late start today but made it out to the Warming Hut and back.

J-4 Trail I to J-5 Trail F to J-6 Trail D to the Warming Hut, hauled out the trash and Shoveled out the Bathroom doorways. Back the same way to double pack the new snow. 2 ½ feet on Humbug Summit on top of 2 feet of frozen snow.

Going out tomorrow to make the loop to Fanani Meadows Trail B and back on Trail D and G   

Road and parking lot have been plowed but more snow is expected tonight.

Groomer Flash #2

January 8, 2021

Got the parts to repair the Piston Bully and installed. Headed out to J-4 trail, I removed the downed tree at the Snag Lake intersection, on to J-5 Sunflower Loop trail H removed several trees from the trail. On to J-6 trail D to the next downed tree just before the Cinder pit. On to the Warming Hut emptied the trash cans and set out the Barbeque and snow shovels. Back to J-6 to trail F another tree down on that trail. Back to the Shed. About 6 inches of new snow above 6000 feet, not much at the Jonesville staging area.  Smoothed out the Parking lot.

Groomer Flash #1

January 1st

Went up to Robber’s Roost and down to the last switch back cleaned up more wheel tracks and trash that was left up at the top on the PCT. Headed out trail I J-4 to trail F J-5 to Trail D J-6 and on to the Warming Hut and back the same way to smooth out the wheel tracks. All of these trails are really smooth, Be safe with your speed on smooth trails. More snow is on the way, I will be back out next week.

If you see any wheeled vehicles on the trails please inform them that it is illegal and they will be ticketed and fined.  


December 31st

Took the Bomb out to Robber’s Roost for a test run and back, cleaned up all the wheel tracks.

December 30th

I was up working on Both Groomers, went up to Humbug Summit and back just testing out the Piston Bully and developed a hydraulic leak at the Tiller motor. Got the seal out and waiting on a new one.


December 19, 2020

I was at the Groomer Shed today to check on the snow conditions and to go over the two Groomers

We have 9 inches at the shed we need 12 to start Grooming.

The Bully is Fueled, greased and ready to go.

The Bomb needs new batteries and I picked them up today, going back up tomorrow to install.

Hopefully we get some more snow soon, there were some Snowmobilers at the parking lot today.

I plowed the parking lot and some of the road just to clean up the ruts. Gate is still open as it should be until we start Grooming

Jeff Adams

Jan 8 PB 200.jpg